Although the name sounds like something that hails from the far East, Canton is actually a German company, founded over 40 years ago by four Hi-Fi enthusiasts. They decided to call the company Canton because their aim was to produce loudspeakers that would recreate the musical clarity of a live performance and Canton is a combination of the Latin word 'cantare' (to sing) and the German word 'Ton' (pure musical tone).

Four decades on, the company manufactures a huge range of top quality speakers and has a world-wide reputation amongst audiophiles. In this country, Canton faces stiff competition from home-spun rival speaker manufacturers, but has achieved phenomenal success with its first venture into soundbases - the DM 50. This product (shown below) is one of the most highly reviewed models we have ever come across in 25 years of retail and should definitely be auditioned by anybody who wants to transform the sound of their TV. It is an astonishing performer, with both films and music - at an incredibly reasonable price!

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Canton InCeiling 865
(1 pair)
SRP 399
Save 220
Canton InCeiling 865
(2 pairs)
SRP 798
Save 440
Canton DM 55 Soundbase
(Glass Top)
SRP 329
Canton DM 75 Soundbase
(Glass Top)
SRP 399
Save 50