Mu-so by Naim

The Naim Mu-so range currently consists of two models - the original Mu-so and its cube-shaped baby brother, the Mu-so Qb (pronounced 'Cubey'). Both could be described in simple terms as being 'wireless speakers', but that would be dangerous because comparing these two units to the typical offerings of the 'wireless speaker market' is a bit like comparing a Ferrari with a Reliant Robin. A better approach would be to describe the Mu-so and Mu-so Qb as being sophisticated audiophile wireless music systems, because they combine the outstanding performance that Naim have become famous for, with all the 21st century connectivity the modern market demands.

So, yes, these two Naim models will let you stream music into them from your smartphone or tablet, via Bluetooth, just like any other 'wireless speaker', but they will also allow you to stream music wired or wirelessly in superb quality from either your NAS drive or from internet music sites such as Spotify and Tidal (premium accounts required) plus give you Apple Airplay, internet radio, an optical input (for use with TV) and a multiple driver speaker system, driven by active amplification with an output totalling hundreds of watts. There simply is no other 'wireless speaker' that looks anything like a Mu-so / Mu-so Qb or gets anywhere near close in terms of performance. Ten seconds of listening will tell you that the Mu-so and Qb blow every other comparable product out of the water. They are totally unique and totally brilliant - which, of course is exactly what we would expect from Naim !

With an unrivalled commitment to music, stretching back over 40 years, a 'no compromise' approach to performance and a legendary reputation for reliability, there is no other company in our industry that is quite like British specialists, Naim Audio (Naim being pronounced 'Name'). The company shuns short lived, 'me too' market fashions and concentrates solely on designing equipment that will transport the heart and soul of any musical piece straight into your living room. Music is about emotion, and no other equipment conveys emotion like Naim. If you buy a Naim system, it will take you on a roller-coaster ride through all your favourite music, leaving you tired out from all the foot tapping, but hungry for more. "Just one more track" you'll find yourself saying - at 3am in the morning! Even music you thought you knew inside out, will be revealed in a whole new light. When you own Naim, everything just sounds so much BETTER - more detailed, more natural, more musical, but above all else, so much more ENJOYABLE! If you want to re-live the thrill of a live concert, do what many of the world's top musicians have already done - buy yourself a Naim system.

Of course, if you are lucky enough to drive a Bentley, you will already know what a Naim system sounds like, because Naim makes the in-car audio systems that grace the company's top models!

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