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Equipment Racks

Anyone who thinks that accessories don't matter, should see an old wedding photo I have of myself. I'm wearing a rather expensive brown suit, which would have looked fine except for the fact that I've totally ruined the effect by wearing a pair of shiny black shoes - not a pretty sight!

By the same token, what's the point in spending a lot of hard-earned cash on a fantastic Stereo or Home Cinema system, then not displaying it properly? Not only will it look naff, it will also spoil the look of your lounge, annoy your wife, ruin your love life and make your children disrespect you.

But that's nothing, compared to the fact that not buying a rack will actually impair the performance of your equipment too. Racks are subsonic filters and should really be thought of as an essential component in any Stereo or Home Cinema system.

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Various finishes
Naim Fraimlite Audiophile Hi-Fi Rack
  • Audiophile Naim Hi-Fi rack
  • Decoupled shelves
  • Expandible modular design
  • Alternative sizes available
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SRP 1298