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Naim CD5si - Awards and Reviews
Best CD Player £500-£1500
CD Player of the Year
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High Quality Analogue Stereo Interconnect -  
QED Performance Audio 40 interconnect (1m)
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Naim CD5si
Audiophile DAC (Burr Brown PCM1793)
More stable DAC clock
Higher voltage power supply rails
Revised analogue filter design
Brand new CD transport and laser optics
Unique swing-out disc transport mechanism
Discreet analogue output electronics
User-configurable versatile (DIN/phono) outputs.
Full infrared remote control.
Height: 70mm  |  Width: 432mm  |  Depth: 301mm
The loading mechanism on the CD player is fully manual, utilising a 'swing drawer' mechanism and magnetic puck.
This product carries a free 5 year warranty, if you register it on-line at the manufacturer's website.
Naim CD5si CD player
One of the best sounding sub 1500 CD players of all time!

The 5 Series represents Naim's introductory electronics range, even though just a few minutes in our demonstration room will tell you that these products sound far too sophisticated to be considered 'entry-level'. The CD5si and NAIT 5i benefit from technology that has trickled down from Naim's stratospherically expensive 500 series (think house prices!) so they sound significantly better than any other equipment in their class. They have a sense of musicality, rhythm and sheer verve that other makes can only dream of. Add to that gorgeous looks, minimalist functional simplicity, plus tank-like build quality and you have one of the best 'sound per pound' systems on the market.

The 5si models provide an affordable beginning to Naim ownership and thus represent the first steps on the pathway that ultimately leads to audio nirvana.

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Naim NAIT 5si
(Ex-demo - mint condition)
SRP 1099
Save 200
SRP 1149
Save 150