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Naim UnitiServe - Awards and Reviews
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“...whether you consider it to be an audiophile CD transport, or ripper, or server, or internet radio, the UnitiServe is an absolutely outstanding product!”
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Naim UnitiServe
2 TeraByte Hard Drive
Slot-loading drive for ease of use
Naim bit-for-bit secure CD ripping
Rip to WAV or FLAC
Naim Extended Music Database - for intuitive browsing
Network Scanning discovers music on networked PC or Mac
UPnP server - stream to compatible UPnP device (e.g.Uniti2)
Front-panel logo touch-sensitive eject and shutdown function
Naim Desktop Client, for browsing music, player set-up via PC
Supports: WAV, FLAC, ALAC, AIFF, AAC, WMA, Ogg Vorbis, MP3
WAV, FLAC (24bit/192kHz), AIFF, ALAC
Digital output for Local playback via DAC
USB ports for easy connection of USB sticks for playback
Ethernet network connectivity for reliability
S/PDIF Digital output on 75Ω BNC or TOSLINK
Composite, S-Video or VGA display output
Extremely Low Jitter
Quiet in operation
Naim designed silent resilient 2TB Hard Drive mount
Compact design
Free 'n-Serve' Control App (Apple and Android) available
Weight: 5.60kg
Height: 87mm  |  Width: 207mm  |  Depth: 314mm
This unit has no front fascia controls - it is controlled via smartphone / tablet App or PC / MAC.
This unit has no internal DAC, so needs to be fed through either a separate DAC or an amp / streamer with an on-board DAC.
This product carries a free 5 year warranty, if you register it on-line at the manufacturer's website.
Naim UnitiServe CD transport / hard disk drive / server
Naim's fabulous audiophile CD Transport / Hard Drive Ripper / Music Server / Internet Radio !

This astonishing unit is less than 1 foot wide, yet houses a top quality CD transport, a massive 2 TB hard drive, an excellent server and a brilliant internet radio streamer. You can use it to either play your CDs or rip up to 2400 of them onto its internal hard drive, as high quality WAV files (or over 4000 CDs, if you choose to rip to FLAC).

Simply pop a CD disc into the UnitiServe and around 4 minutes later it will have automatically ripped the music onto its hard drive, as bit-perfect WAV files (or FLAC - you choose) and simultaneously downloaded the CD's title, artwork, tracklist, artist, genre etc from the internet (via the wired Ethernet port port). Each ripped CD is then stored as a separate folder in the UnitiServe's Library which can easily be accessed in a variety of different ways (i.e. artist name, album name, music genre, etc). All the music in the library can also be accessed by any other streamer in the house that is connected to the same network (e.g. a Naim Mu-so in another room). Every night (or whenever you set it to happen) the UnitiServe will automatically back up everything on its hard drive, by copying it onto your network's NAS drive, so all the music you will have spent time ripping is safely stored in two separate places and kept up to date. You don't have to do a thing, because it all happens while you're asleep! The UnitiServe then has one final very useful trick up its sleeve, because in addition to all your CDs being stored in an ultra high quality library of WAV files, it also creates a separate 'mirror' library of all the same CDs (and associated artwork etc) in high quality 320K MP3 files, which are also backed up very night to your NAS. You can then easily transfer those 320K MP3s onto a USB stick and use it in the car. Thanks to the UnitiServe, I now have a library of 300 CDs in my car, all stored on one 32 Gb USB stick that cost me under 10. Whenever I play music from the USB stick, the car's Sat Nav display shows a graphic of the album cover, plus a list of all the tracks - very smart, very inexpensive and great sound into the bargain!

The UnitiServe outputs its music digitally, so it needs to be connected to either an amplifier with a digital input (e.g. Naim UnitiQute / Uniti etc) or to an external DAC from where it can be fed into any conventional Hi-Fi. Even feeding a UnitiServe into a relatively low cost DAC, produces very good sound quality, whilst feeding it into a top-flight DAC (e.g. Naim DAC-V1) gives performance to rival a 2000+ CD player. Not bad, when you consider that you're getting a brilliant ripper / server, as well! The UnitiServe also boasts an excellent internet radio facility, with access to thousands of stations - so you won't go short of music.

So, how do you control a UnitiServe, bearing in mind that it has no external buttons? Well, if you have a computer (e.g. a laptop) an iPhone or an iPad in the same room as the UnitiServe, then you have all you need to control it, thanks to Naim's excellent free desktop software / App. That means you can access and play an album from its hard disk library in less time than it would take to open a CD case, put a CD disc into a conventional CD player and press the play button. Whether you consider it to be an audiophile CD transport, or ripper, or server, or internet radio, the UnitiServe is an absolutely outstanding product!

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