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Baroque & Roll...

I wonder how many HiFi shops can claim to have had a previous existence as a post-office, a church, a hospital and a pottery shop?
Well, ours can, such is the colourful history of this part of Shrewsbury. At one point we even thought it had enjoyed a spell as a refuge for "fallen women", but that turned out to be the building next door!

ounty archives show that dwellings existed on this thoroughfare right back to Norman times. However, early details are sketchy, and it is not until 17th Century Baroque records that the fog clears and we see the first of a succession of shops occupying our site. This commercial layout existed until the late 19th century, when the building we see today was built by the imaginatively named Thomas Thomas, Swansea's answer to Christopher Wren. The imposing, three storey chapel was officially opened on 27th April, 1862, having cost the princely sum of £1800; modern estimates put the value at several million pounds!

Initially, the venue was a great success, regularly boasting congregations in excess of 400 people. However, the following century saw interest wane to the point at which the church fell into disuse.

Today, the fully renovated Tabernacle draws a new congregation of Hi-Fi and Home Cinema enthusiasts from all over the world to its doors. It stands as a monument to sound quality - and a challenge to window cleaners!

Come inside and take a look for yourself.

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