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Dance yourself dizzy...

The best way to choose Hi-Fi / Home Cinema equipment is by listening to it. Looking at gleaming equipment on showroom shelves (even ours!) won't give you any idea of how it actually sounds. Neither will reading specification sheets or trusting the opinions of reviewers / well meaning friends. The simple fact of the matter is that when it comes to picking audio equipment, you are already equipped with the finest measuring devices known to man - your ears!! Most people are surprised how easy it is to hear the difference between components in the demonstration room. Everyone can do it - you certainly don't need any musical training. The reason for this is that the differences are large, and our ears are very sensitive. It's really as straightforward as that - just like comparing a noisy phone-line with a quiet one.

Naturally, you can't listen to equipment properly in the middle of a busy sales floor, which is why we have set aside a room solely for demonstration purposes. Here, free from distraction, you can sit back, relax and see how the equipment of your choice sounds in a typical domestic environment. As you listen to the equipment, we listen as well - to you. Using your feedback, we carefully select alternative products for you to audition, until we achieve the perfect "mix" of sound to suit your taste. It's easy and it's great fun! In next to no time you will have graduated from casual listener to fully fledged 6th Dan Hi-Fi black belt!

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