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Boxing clever...

Mention stocking levels and most people think of Kim Bassinger (well I do!), but tight stock control is a very serious issue in the modern retail world. There are vastly more products than ever before, and many of them are available in multi finishes. As a result, an increasingly large number of retailers are taking the easy way out by carrying virtually no stock at all, and attempting to get everything "to order". This is fine in theory, but if the manufacturers take the same attitude and only build "to order" (which they often do!), then the result can be catastrophic, with huge delays all round.

Well, forget about all that, because at Creative Audio, our policy is very different. Basically, if a product is on demonstration downstairs, then it will usually be available, new and boxed upstairs in the stockroom, for customers to take away on the day. In addition, when products are available in different finishes, we endeavour to stock all the popular colours, to give the customer maximum choice, with minimum fuss.

Pictured is one of our high security stockrooms brimming full of new equipment, just to illustrate the point.

This policy also extends through to the other arm of the business, our world famous - Bulk Buy "special purchases". Because it is becoming so unusual for retailers to hold high stock levels, manufacturers look very favourably on anyone who is prepared to place above average orders with them. In our case, "above average" becomes "well above average" and the prices tumble accordingly. For example, in the past 12 months, the largest single Q Acoustics and Denon deliveries in the whole of the UK, went to us in Shrewsbury! In one drop, over 300 boxes were delivered, with the result that the retail price on that product was able to be halved. If you want to know what Special Purchases are currently on offer, simply click on the various categories at the top of this page, and prepare to be dazzled.

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