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Punctual repair outfit...

How many electrical shops these days have their own on-site workshop facility? How many of them could service everything they've sold in the last 10 years? And how many of them could "turn-around" a repair in an average of 10 days (that's days not weeks!) at an average cost of £75?

The answer is "Hardly any" - except us, that is!! The workshop facilities at Creative Audio are not just good, they are exceptional. We are lucky enough to have within our organisation Martin Urwick, one of the most talented audio technicians in the industry. Despite his youthful looks (!), Martin packs 30 years of service history under his belt, and can tackle almost anything that comes his way.

The workshop handles hundreds of warranty and non-warranty repairs each year, ranging from simple dry-joint problems on midi systems to complex rebuilds on Quad electrostatic speakers (pictured). Specialities of the house include laser optic replacement on CD/DVD, loudspeaker service (huge range of drivers kept in stock) and "ground up" rebuilds on Naim amps/Linn turntables etc.

In addition to this 'day to day' work, Martin fronts our bespoke cable service, which caters for the huge range of interconnects and speaker cables now encountered in modern stereo and AV systems. Whether you want a set of Airlock-terminated, Bi-wire QED Silver Anniversary speaker cables, a 5 pin DIN lead for your Naim, or a 7.5m component video lead for your new plasma/projector, speak to Martin - he's your man.

The quality of his work is awesome - the price isn't!

In recognition of the technical excellence of our workshop, Creative Audio are one of the very few retailers who have been authorised by the following manufacturers to carry out all warranty/non warranty work:

Acoustic Energy
Q Acoustics
...........and Ralph McTell! (We repaired his PA in '97).

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