Focal-JMLabs are one of the largest specialist audio manufacturers in Europe, making speakers that range in price from a couple of hundred pounds a pair, right up to over one hundred and thirty thousand pounds a pair. The company is known for creating models that are both aesthetically very pleasing but also sonically outstanding, thanks to a combination of excellent build quality, and innovative engineering. 

Focal have been manufacturing loudspeakers for over 30 years, but they are a relatively new addition to our portfolio, following the company's recent merger with one of our all time favourite Hi-Fi manufacturers, Naim Audio. Already we are doing huge amounts of business with this exciting manufacturer and we have very high hopes for the future. Take a look at the thumbnails shown below and you will see what makes Focal so special - they make products that are at the leading edge of performance, but that also look absolutely stunning, too. If you want incredibly detailed 'musical' speakers, with gorgeous finishes then look no further than these brilliant Focals!

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Focal Aria 926
(Open box, mint condition)
Gloss Black
SRP 1999
Save 550
Aria 936
(Mint, Ex-dem)
Gloss Black
SRP 2499
Save 850