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Uniti by Naim

When long standing UK Hi-Fi specialists Naim audio introduced the first Uniti nearly 10 years ago it took the audio world by storm. Never before had an 'all in one' CD / tuner / amplifier combo looked or sounded anywhere near that good - AND, of course, Uniti gave Naim customers access to the exciting new world of streaming. Reviewing the original model, Our industry 'bible' What Hi-Fi said "This is the most innovative product Naim has ever made and one of its finest - expect it to be a trend setter". They predicted that the advent of the Uniti represented “a major shift in the landscape of the home audio market.

Well, recent history has shown us that What Hi-Fi were absolutely right because the Uniti not only went on to be a huge sales success, but also changed the way we think about Hi-Fi, because it gave us the performance of audiophile separates, combined with the ease of use and connectivity demanded by the modern market place - in one compact, beautifully styled, beautifully made unit. The original Uniti was later joined by the UnitiLite, UnitiQute and UnitiServe, each of which dominated its price-point and moved the Uniti brand up to iconic status.

Now, that status has been ratcheted up another notch, with the overhaul of the whole range, in a way that is arguably just as ground-breaking as the Uniti’s original launch. Pretty much every aspect of the original range has been examined, pulled apart and then redesigned in a way that makes ‘old Uniti’ look almost antique. Every performance and ergonomic parameter has been dramatically improved, with a gorgeous new sleek case, a stunning new colour display, significantly better streaming capabilities (including Tidal) a fabulous new on-board DAC and a sonic ability that once again re-defines what is possible from an ‘all in one’. From its press launch back in the Summer of 2016, ‘new Uniti’ has been eagerly anticipated and now, at last, we are finally able to see just how special this range is. I suppose we shouldn’t really be surprised by how sensationally good these products are – they are, after all, exactly what we have come to expect from Naim, the UK’s world-acclaimed audio specialists.

With an unrivalled commitment to music, stretching back over 40 years, a 'no compromise' approach to performance and a legendary reputation for reliability, there is no other company in our industry that is quite like British specialists, Naim Audio (Naim being pronounced 'Name'). The company shuns short lived, 'me too' market fashions and concentrates solely on designing equipment that will transport the heart and soul of any musical piece straight into your living room. Music is about emotion, and no other equipment conveys emotion like Naim. If you buy a Naim system, it will take you on a roller-coaster ride through all your favourite music, leaving you tired out from all the foot tapping, but hungry for more. "Just one more track" you'll find yourself saying - at 3am in the morning! Even music you thought you knew inside out, will be revealed in a whole new light. When you own Naim, everything just sounds so much BETTER - more detailed, more natural, more musical, but above all else, so much more ENJOYABLE! If you want to re-live the thrill of a live concert, do what many of the world's top musicians have already done - buy yourself a Naim system.

Of course, if you are lucky enough to drive a Bentley, you will already know what a Naim system sounds like, because Naim makes the in-car audio systems that grace the company's top models!

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Naim Uniti Star
CD / DAC / Network amp
SRP £3499
Save £500
Naim Uniti Nova
DAC / Network amp
SRP £4199
Save £600
Naim Uniti Core
CD ripper / server
SRP £1899
Save £200

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