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Naim NAC-N 172 XS bt - Awards and Reviews
Best Streamer £1000-£2000
Hi-Fi World
5 Globes
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Naim NAC-N 172 XS bt - click on the thumbnails below for more information
5 Optional Extras Available - click on the images below for more information
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High Quality Coaxial Digital Interconnect -  
QED Performance Coaxial Digital interconnect (1m)
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High Quality Analogue Stereo Interconnect -  
QED Performance Audio Graphite interconnect (1m)
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High Quality Optical Digital Interconnect -  
QED Performance Optical Digital interconnect (1m)
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Reference Quality Analogue Stereo Interconnect -  
QED Reference Audio 40 interconnect (1m)
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Upgrades and Add-ons
Matching Turntable and Turntable Pre-amp -  
from 60
Pro-Ject Primary turntable + Pro-Ject Phono Box
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Naim NAC-N 172 XS bt
3 x analogue inputs (1 DIN, 1 RCA pair, 1 x 3.5mm front-panel)
2 x Coaxial RCA, 2 x Optical, 1 x Mini Toslink (front panel)
Front USB port for MP3 player/iPod and USB-stored audio
AV input with unity gain option
UPnP for network streaming up to 32bit/192kHz resolution
Wired and wireless network connectivity
Supports: AAC, WMA, MP3, Ogg Vorbis
WAV, AIFF (up to 32bit/192kHz)
FLAC, ALAC (up to 24bit/192kHz)
Bluetooth apt-X streaming from compatible devics
Spotify Connect and Tidal compatibility
Multi-room and Party mode - can be used with other compatible Naim streaming systems to form a versatile multi-room system
Fixed line level output (RCA)
Front-panel 3.5mm headphone output
Comes with remote control
Free 'Naim App' control App (Apple and Android)
Optional FM/DAB module variant available
Series 5 Aluminium chassis with zinc die-cast front panel
Brushed anodised fascia
Self-powered unit (does not require a separate power supply)
'Remote Out' socket allows control of compatible non-network Naim products using the Naim App (eg CD5 XS)
5 year warranty (requires online registration - T&Cs apply)
Weight: 5.65kg
Height: 70mm  |  Width: 432mm  |  Depth: 301mm
Music streaming via wire is far more reliable than via Wi-Fi. If you can't run an Ethernet cable from your router to this unit, then simply buy a pair of mains Ethernet extenders from Amazon for around 25. They plug into your mains sockets and use the mains wiring in your house as an Ethernet cable - they are brilliant!
This product carries a free 5 year warranty, if you register it on-line at the manufacturer's website.
Bluetooth only works reliably if both the sending and receiving units are in the same room.
Naim NAC-N 172 XS bt network pre-amp
Fabulous What Hi-Fi award winning preamp, with Spotify, Tidal and Bluetooth apt-X!

The award-winning NAC-N 172 XS defines a point at which two audio worlds collide – the traditional world of separate pre / power amplifiers, and the new world of network streaming.

It's a conventional Naim pre-amplifier in every sense, except that it is self-powered, so it doesn't need to get power from a Naim power amp or power supply, which is becoming the norm for Naim preamps these days, but certainly want the case in the past. The 172 is perfectly at home in a Naim separates environment, partnered by a power amplifier such as the Naim NAP 155 XS, but, could also be used with a non-Naim power amplifier, if desired. In either situation, this pre-amp will reproduce music from any of its traditional inputs (e.g.CD) in a way that stirs the soul and quickens the pulse, then ouput that content either to a seperate power amplifier or to a pair of headphones, as you would expect from any conventional preamp. However, the 172 also opens the door into a whole new world of high resolution audio, internet radio and streamed music (including Spotify and Tidal) as well as boasting a front USB input and onboard Bluetooth apt-X capability, if you fancy streaming wirelessly from your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch / Android device.

This new streaming and Bluetooth world has just the same soul stirring potential as 'traditional' audio, but is effectively limitless in scope and content, giving music lovers virtually infinite access to just about every track that's ever been recorded, piped straight into the home in CD quality FLAC (if you open a premium Tidal account). And all controlled at the touch of your smart phone / tablet. What's more, if you buy other compatible Naim products, you can make the NAC-N 172 XS the heart of a high performance, sophisticated multiroom system, thanks to Naim's Party Mode. The NAC-N 172 XS comes with an excellent remote control, but you can also download Naim's free 'Naim App' iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch / Android App, for even more remote control flexibility.

If you're looking for a preamp that is superb on conventional sources like CD, but also addresses the streaming needs of the 21st century audiophile, then this is the one for you !

Please call us on 01743 236055 for details...
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