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DALI IKON PHANTOM - Awards and Reviews
DALI IKON PHANTOM - click on the thumbnails below for more information
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Two way flush mounted speaker
165mm Bass unit
Hybrid tweeter module: 17 x 45mm ribbon + 28mm soft dome
Perfect for wall installation
Matching centre speaker available!
Class Leading, open-back design
Comes with template for easy installation
Ideal for high quality Stereo or Home Cinema applications
Nominal Impedance - 8 ohms
Frequency response - 65Hz - 35kHz
Cut-out - 400 x 237mm
Weight: 6.50kg
Height: 438mm  |  Width: 275mm  |  Depth: 100mm
One of the reasons these speakers are so brilliant, is that they are physically quite large - please check dimensions and make sure you are definitely happy with a speaker this size before purchasing.
These speakers are mounted into cavity ceilings / walls - please check that you have enough front to back cavity depth to take them.
Fitting any speaker into a cavity ceiling / wall can sometimes result in music 'leaking' along the cavity into other rooms of the house.
If these speakers are intended for use in a new-build, then Building Regs may require that they are fitted in a fire-box within the wall / ceiling cavity.
DALI IKON PHANTOM in-wall speaker (1 pair)
Superb, audiophile in-wall speakers

The famous and award-winning IKON sound in your walls. The IKON PHANTOM In-wall has all the features of the IKON series and enables you to build the IKON sound into your wall. Enclosed in a rigid but vibration damping aluminium cabinet, the IKON PHANTOM fires clear, crisp sound. Be it in stereo for your favorite music or in surround for the movies you love.

Aluminium cabinet - A rigid, die cast aluminium cabinet has been used for the IKON Phantom. This will ensure identical working conditions for the 6.5” bass/midrange driver no matter which wall cavity the speaker is mounted in. Inside the cabinet is used a bituminous material to make it inert to resonances. Ribs in the die cast aluminium and the coupling to the MDF baffle will also prevent build-up of resonances. By using the cabinet, it is possible to use a bass/midrange driver with soft, low loss rubber surround and a spider causing a low resonance frequency for the driver. This would not have been possible without the rear cabinet, because the surround and spider thus would have to be less soft to be able to control the movement of the bass/midrange driver with compromised performance as consequence. Because of the small form factor of the speaker it is very difficult for standing waves to build-up. Combined with strategically positioned materials inside the cabinet, standing waves are reduced to an absolute minimum.

Amplifier Friendly - The amplifier to loudspeaker interface is influenced by the impedance characteristics of the speaker. Loudspeakers with poor impedance characteristics can force amplifiers (stress the amplifier unnecessarily) to perform badly. A stressed amplifier will typically add more distortion to the music. The IKON Phantom drivers are optimised so that the impedance loads of the loudspeakers are very close to a pure resistive load, minimizing amplifier stress (a flat frequency response above the resonance frequency of the woofer).

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