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DALI SPEKTOR 2 - Awards and Reviews
"Best Standmount speaker under £200" 2018-2019
September 2018
What Hi-Fi 5 star reviewed
DALI SPEKTOR 2 - click on the thumbnails below for more information
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High Quality Speaker Cable -  
from 30
QED Original (single-wire) speaker cable, with fitted Airlock plugs
Available Lengths:
2 x 2m  
•   2 x 3m  
•   2 x 4m  
•   2 x 5m  
•   2 x 6m  
•   2 x 7m  
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Enclosure type: bookshelf/wallmount, bass reflex
High frequency driver: 1 x 25 mm soft textile dome
Low frequency driver: 1 x 5.25 inch wood fibre cone
Frequency response: 54Hz to 26kHz (3dB)
Power handling: 100 watts
Sensitivity: 84.5dB for 2.83v at 1m
Impedance: 6 ohms
Includes wall bracket for easy wall mounting
Weight: 4.20kg each
Height: 292mm  |  Width: 170mm  |  Depth: 238mm
These speakers sound absolutely superb in a small to medium sized room - you simply can't buy better for the money! However, if you have a huge room, any small speaker will struggle, compared to bigger speakers.
These speakers come with a wall bracket, which makes them ideal for wall mounting.
Black or Walnut
DALI SPEKTOR 2 speakers
'Best Buy' award winning standmount speaker !

The Dali SPEKTOR 2 is built around a 5.25 inch wood fibre mid / bass driver and a 25 mm soft dome tweeter

The dome tweeter offers best-in-class resolution with an extended frequency response, wide dispersion and low coloration. A clear heritage from DALI's high-end series. The tweeter is based on an ultra-lightweight weaved fabric

By using only DALI designed and custom-built drivers, the need for frequency correction in the crossover is eliminated. This enables DALI to design an exact crossover which together with carefully selected quality components ensures that the signal loss is close to zero.

Dali's low-loss drivers uses a mix of low-mass paper cones with wood fibre reinforcement. The embedded wood fibres give the surface an uneven structure, which dramatically minimizes the resonance of the surface. This creates the best possible reproduction of every detail in the audio signal.

The compact SPEKTOR 2 is ideal for wall mounting, shelf or stand mounting in combination with any compact Hi-Fi music system. The SPEKTOR 2 will also find itself at home in any surround position, helping you get that fully immersive movie experience.

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