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DALI ZENSOR VOKAL - Awards and Reviews
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Speaker Cables
High Quality Speaker Cable -  
from 15
QED Original (single-wire) speaker cable, with fitted Airlock plugs
Available Lengths:
1 x 2m  
•   1 x 3m  
•   1 x 4m  
•   1 x 5m  
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Upgrades and Add-ons
White Grille -  
DALI ZENSOR VOKAL white grille
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Enclosure type: shelf mount, bass reflex
High frequency driver: 1 x 25 mm soft textile dome
Low frequency drivers: 2 x 5.25 inch wood fibre cones
Frequency response: 47Hz to 26.5kHz (3dB)
Power handling: 120 watts
Sensitivity: 88.5dB for 2.83v at 1m
Impedance: 6 ohms
Weight: 6.80kg
Height: 161mm  |  Width: 441mm  |  Depth: 288mm
One of the reasons this speaker is so brilliant, is that it is physically quite large - please check dimensions and make sure you are definitely happy with a speaker this size before purchasing.
Walnut or White
DALI ZENSOR VOKAL centre speaker
One of the most popular centre speakers we have ever sold!

The centre loudspeaker covers an essentially important sound zone, since this is where the majority of dialogue in movie soundtracks is to be found. ZENSOR VOKAL is engineered to cover this zone, thereby establishing a truly realistic voice- and surround experience.

The sonic integration of ZENSOR VOKAL, which should ideally be placed on a shelf below your TV screen, is highly convincing as is the voice matching to the other models of the ZENSOR range.

At best, when watching a magnificent movie, you tend to forget time and space and find yourself absorbed by the characters, plots, and music. ZENSOR VOKAL is created to complete just that sonic illusion of being there yourself.

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