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Focal Aria 936 - Awards and Reviews
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Focal Aria 936 - click on the thumbnails below for more information
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Award-Winning Reference Quality Speaker Cable -  
from 40
QED Reference XT40 (single-wire) speaker cable, with fitted Airlock plugs
Available Lengths:
2 x 2m  
•   2 x 3m  
•   2 x 4m  
•   2 x 5m  
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Focal Aria 936
Enclosure type: floorstanding, three way bass reflex
3 x 6.5 inch (16.5cm) Flax bass drivers
6.5 inch (16.5cm) Flax midrange driver
1 inch (25mm) Al/Mg TNF inverted dome tweeter
Frequency response: 39Hz to 28kHz (3dB)
92dB for 2.83v at 1m
8 ohms
Recommended amplifier power: 50 - 300 watts
Weight: 25.00kg each
Height: 1035mm  |  Width: 294mm  |  Depth: 371mm
One of the reasons these speakers are so brilliant, is that they are physically large compared to a bookshelf design - please check dimensions and make sure you are definitely happy with a speaker this size before purchasing.
These floorstanders are supplied with adjustable spikes, which hold the speaker absolutely rigid, giving the best sound. The spikes actually cause LESS damage to carpets than castors or rubber feet, because a spike passes through the carpet pile and leaves no mark. Spikes should still be used on wooden floors - if you are worried about floor damage, simply use spike protector discs (which can be purchased cheaply from Amazon) or even a five pence coin, under each spike.
Gloss Black or Gloss White
Focal Aria 936 speakers
Big Brother to Focal's excellent Aria 926 speakers

The 936 is essentially the floorstanding version of Focal's ultra popular 906 standmount design. That is extremely good news, because the 906s have gained something of a cult following in a very short period of time, with rave reviews from What Hi-Fi and AV Forums plus a very fast uptake from customers.

The 936 looks set to follow in its baby brother's footsteps, because it retains all that is so brilliant about the 906, but takes it a whole stage further, with much more power, presence and scale. The 936 is one of those speakers that will fill just about any size room with a gloriously musical, realistic presentation. It just feels so natural and 'right', regardless of the type of music being played. Visually, the most striking feature of this speaker is its beautiful, ultra rigid 'non parallel' (i.e. low resonance) curved side cabinet walls, clad in gorgeous Walnut or High Gloss Black finishes.  Housed within the cabinet are the equally striking 6.5 inch bass and mid driver cones, which are constructed out of flax, plus a high quality inverted dome tweeter.  The exquisite styling is perfectly complemented by a luxurious leather front baffle, a glass cabinet topper, magnetic grilles and an attractive, ultra rigid acoustically decoupled plinth. In use, the 936s sound as gorgeous as they look, generating a huge, all-encompassing soundstage, plus tremendous weight/attack.  These speakers are incredibly easy to drive for a big floorstander, so they actually sound great with virtually any amplification. However, put them with top flight British electronics, like Naim, Arcam, Cyrus, or Roksan and they will sing like the angels!

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