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Selling the dream...

The modern Hi-Fi market offers consumers a bewildering choice of new products. It is the dealer's job to cut through the potential confusion by weeding out the "also rans" and only stocking the most competitive units. Shops like ours live, eat and sleep Hi-Fi / Home Cinema. We constantly scour trade journals, magazines and press releases to search out exciting new products. As soon as we think we're on to something, we invite the manufacturer concerned to bring/send the product in question to the shop, for evaluation. We then extensively audition the newcomer against established reference products, both in our demonstration room and our own homes. At this point, other factors are taken into consideration: How well is the product built?: Will it stand the test of time?: Does it come from an established manufacturer who is financially stable?: Is the manufacturer committed to long term performance and service? Only if a product satisfies all these criteria, will we consider taking it into stock.

The result is what you see before you on our shelves - the "crème de la crème" of the modern Home Entertainment world. It is one of the largest ranges of quality equipment outside of London, yet, not one manufacturer has its full range on show - we have "cherry picked" the best offerings from each and disregarded the rest.

This aggressively independent stance guarantees that we don't just "tow the manufacturer's line" when it comes to recommending equipment to our customers. Instead, we can give unbiased advice based on our own personal experiences with each product. We like to think that our customers can relax, safe in the knowledge that we've done a lot of the hard work for them already! All that remains is for you to draw up a shortlist of top contenders from our recommendations, then brace yourself for the best bit of all - a visit to the demonstration room.

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